The feature of the room and the answer to awkward wall spaces,

Arty Party Vinyl Wall Art!!!

Take your pick..


The Lords Prayer:                                                                      50cm(W) X 1m(H) = R 250.00                           50cm (W) X 50cm (H) = R 175.00
Childs Name 2D            Butterflies R50.00ea (20cm X 18cm)                                Initial R 90.00 (40 cm X 43cm) Name R 110.00 (50cm X 75cm)                               Total: R 300.00
You are my  Sunshine:                                                                                                                                      50cm (W) X 1m (H) = R 250.00                      50cm (W) X 50cm (H) = R 175.00
Batman Name:                                                    1m (W) X 50cm ( H) = R 250.00                      50cm (W) X 25cm (H) = R 150.00



Love laugh live
Love Laugh Live                                               Small: 28cm (H) / 26cm (W) – R 200.00           Medium: 57cm (H) / 53cm (W) – R 270.00     Large: (Enquire via Email or Phone call)
Live, Learn, Love
Learn Live Hope                                            Small: 28cm (H) / 26cm (W) – R 200.00    Medium: 57cm (H) / 53cm (W) – R 270.00    Large: (Enquire via email or phone call)




Kitty Cats - Daniek & Sarah

Kitty Cats – Daniel & Sarah

Small: 28cm (h) x 26cm (w) – R190.00

Medium: 57cm (h) x 53cm (w) – R250.00

Robots in a Row

Robots in a Row

Small: 28cm (h) – R95.00 (per robot)

Medium: 57cm (h) – R150.00 (per robot)

Faith Hope Love

Faith Hope Love

Medium: 37cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R200.00


Kitty Cats - Phoenix & Jasper

Kitty Cats – Phoenix & Jasper

Small: 28cm (h) – R95.00 (per cat)

Medium: 57cm (h) – R150.00 (per cat)

Kitty Cats - Parsley

Kitty Cats – Parsley

Small: 28cm (h) – R95.00

Medium: 57cm (h) – R150.00

Kitty Cats - Sophi

Kitty Cats – Sophi

Small: 28cm (h) – R95.00

Medium: 57cm (h) – R150.00


Love owls

Love Owls

Medium: 22cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R200.00

Large: 39cm (h) x 100cm (w) – R400.00

You Are Smart

You Are Smart

Medium: 24cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R200.00

Large: 42cm (h) x 100cm (w) – R400.00

Kitty Cats - Mia

Kitty Cats – Mia

Small: 28cm (h) – R95.00

Medium: 57cm (h) – R150.00





Medium: 57cm (h) x 100cm (w) – R100.00

I have found the one

I Have Found the One

Medium: 57cm (h) x 23cm (w) – R200.00

Large: 100cm (h) x 40cm (w) – R300.00

Bird cages

Bird Cages

Medium: 51cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R300.00


Winter Tree

Winter Tree

Medium: 120cm (h) x 80cm (w) – R400.00

Large: 180cm (h) x 120cm (w) – R600.00

Home Sweet Home Owls

Home Sweet Home Owls

Medium: 30cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R200.00

Large: 54cm (h) x 100cm (w) – R400.00

Live Simply

Live Simply

Medium: 57cm (h) x 43cm (w) – R200.00

Large: 75cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R400.00


Bon Appetit

Bon Appétit

Small: 12cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R100.00

Medium: 21cm (h) x 100cm (w) – R200.00

Owl Always Love You

Owl Always Love You

Medium: 32cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R200.00

Large: 56cm (h) x 100cm (w) – R400.00

Sweet Dreams Owl

Sweet Dreams Owl

Small: 19cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R100.00

Medium: 28cm (h) x 85cm (w) – R200.00

Hansen Family

Your Family

Medium: 26cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R200.00

Large: 57cm (h) x 123cm (w) – R400.00

Family Branches

Family Branches

Medium: 26cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R200.00

Large: 57cm (h) x 123cm (w) – R400.00

The Best of Times

The Best of Times

Medium: 20cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R200.00

Large: 35cm (h) x 100cm (w) – R400.00

bird in the tree

Bird in the Tree

Medium: 77cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R300

Large: 158cm (h) x 116cm (w) – R600

Heart tree

Heart Tree

Medium: 100cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R300

Large: 187cm (h) x 108cm (w) – R600

Infinite love

Infinite Love

Small: 24cm (h) x 35cm (w) – R100

Medium: 40cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R200

Large: 57cm (h) x 84cm (w) – R300

Love tree

Love Tree

Medium: 100cm (h) x 98cm (w) – R300

Large: 152cm (h) x 168cm (w) – R600

Lamp post

Lamp Post

Medium: 100cm (h) x 15cm (w) – R150

Large: 200cm (h) x 30cm (w) – R300

Bird cage

Bird Cage

Small: 50cm (h) x 29cm (w) – R100

Medium: 77cm (h) x 45cm (w) – R200

Large: 100cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R300

Home is where the heart is

Home is Where the Heart is

Small: 29cm (h) x 34cm (w) – R150

Medium: 50cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R250

Large: 87cm (h) x 100cm (w) – R400

Love Birds

Love Birds

Small: 37cm (h) x 35cm (w) – R150

Medium: 62cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R250

Large: 100cm (h) x 100cm (w) – R400

Love twirly

Love Twirly

Small: 29cm (h) x 33cm (w) – R150

Medium: 50cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R250

Wind Mill


Medium: 100cm (h) x 38cm (w) – R300

Large: 200cm (h) x 76cm (w) – R600

Rampant Lion

Rampant Lion (per lion)

Small: 46cm (h) x 29cm (w) – R150

Medium: 57cm (h) x 36cm (w) – R250

Large: 92cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R350

Leafy Twirl

Leafy Twirl

Small: 12cm (h) x 29cm (w) – R100

Medium: 22cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R200

Large: 38cm (h) x 100cm (w) – R300

Olive Branch

Olive Branch (per branch)

Small: 20cm (h) x 20cm (w) – R150

Medium: 35cm (h) x 35cm (w) – R200

Large: 57cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R300

Flowers & Butterflies

Flowers & Butterflies

Medium: 56cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R250

Large: 85cm (h) x 86cm (w) – R400

Cars & Trucks

Cars & Truck

Small: 8cm (h) x 60cm (w) – R100

Medium: 18cm (h) x 125cm (w) – R200

Leafy Tree

Leafy Tree

Medium: 110cm (h) x 78cm (w) – R300

Large: 158cm (h) x 112cm (w) – R600

Child's Room

Customisable Names

Small: 14cm (h) x 29cm (w) – R100

Medium: 28cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R200

Life is Better When You're Laughing

Life is Better When You’re Laughing

Small: 17cm (h) x 32cm (w) – R100

Medium: 31cm (h) x 57cm (w) – R200

Large: 57cm (h) x 108cm (w) – R350

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